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Lily Garden - White Lily Anniversary Vase

Lily Garden - White Lily Anniversary Vase

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Product Description

Product Details:

  • 5 Stems White Alstroemeria.

  • 5 Stems White Wax Flowers.

  • Beautifully Handcrafted On A 12X12 Cm Square Glass Vase.

  • Happy Anniversary Sticker On Glass Vase In Both Arabic And English Language.

Mini Flowerpedia:

  • In Ancient Greek mythology, Aphrodite, The Goddess of Love, is said to have created the rose which arose from her tears and the blood of her lover Adonis.

  • Roses are certified to be antiseptic, anti- oxidant and is a rich source of vitamin A, B3, C, D and E and commonly used as rose water, essence and oils.

  • Flower Meaning - Pink Roses: Sweetness - Elegance - Innocense, White Roses: Purity - Chastity - Sympathy

  • Upon receiving your flowers in an arrangement form, then you just need to make sure that the floral foam remains wet throughout the day as flowers are fixed on to a floral foam.

  • You just need to pour water on the on the foam to make sure the floral foam is completely hyderated.

  • In the case of an arrangement you don't need to cut the stems of the flowers.

  • Do not placed your flowers direct under a fan or AC.

  • In case of any wilted petals or leaves remove it from the flowers.

  • Daily mist of water can help to get the most of the benefits from the flowers.

  • Follow the care guide and love your flowers.

  • Buyanyflowers.com promises to you is that your flowers quality and freshness is our topmost priority.

  • Buyanyflowers.com uses temperature controlled delivery vans to keep your flowers safe and fresh.

  • As a best industrial practise some of your flower stems may arrive in bud form to make sure your arrangement will be in the finest and freshest condition for as long as possible. This is also used to protect the flowers while in transit, but also to perform the flowers to last even longer.

  • As per our daily experience, watching your flowers to burst into a full bloom in the following days after the delivery is not less than the nature's magic.

  • The product images has displayed is only indicative in nature, but we put our 100% efforts to match the image displayed, the actual product delivered may vary in shape or design as per the availability.

  • All of our orders are delivered on time as per the selected time slot. This may not achieve in very rare cases where the situation is beyond our control i.e, traffic congestion, enroute, remote location for delivery, etc.

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