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Chocolate Macronade Cake 4 Portion

Chocolate Macronade Cake 4 Portion

AED 99

Product Description

Product Details:

  • Cake Flavour - Dark Chocolate

  • Type of Cake - Tart, Cream and Macarons

  • Size - 4 Portion

  • Shape- Round

  • Serves- 4-5 People

  • Diameter - In Between 5 to 6 Inches Approx.

  • Weight - Half Kg and Above

  • Delicious chocolate macarons decorated over a tart base with some chocolate curves and berries decorations.

Mini Flowerpedia:

  • The history of chocolate cake goes back to 1764, when Dr. James Baker discovered how to make chocolate by grinding cocoa beans between two massive circular millstones.

  • Europe is credited with the invention of modern cakes, which were round and topped with icing.

  • Upon receiving your cake immediate store it into the refrigerator.

  • Avoid keeping them in direct sunlight or near by heat sources.

  • Your cake will arrive fresh and all the cakes taste at their best if eaten at room temperature on the day of purchase.

  • For maximum flavour, moist texture and softness we recommend you to remove the cakes from the refrigerator about 45-60 minutes prior consumption.

  • If your cake sponge still appears hard, this means that it hasn't reached to the normal room temperature and need some more time to settle down.

  • You can slice the layer cakes in best way by using your large plain edged kitchen knife.

  • To lift your slice from the cake board, you can use a cake slice lifter or palette knife.

  • The cake should be consumed within 48 hours.

  • Follow the care guide and enjoy your cake!

  • Your cake will arrive deliciously fresh for your special occasion and we recommend that the cakes(s) should be stored in refrigerator imediately.

  • To keep your cake in a perfect condition, rest assured! we have developed a special packaging and best industrial handling practices for it.

  • To keep your product safe and fresh our all orders are delivered in Buy Any Flowers temperature controlled delivery vans.

  • All of our orders are delivered on time as per the selected time slot. Some may not achieve in very rare cases where the situation is beyond our control i.e, traffic congestion, enroute, remote location for delivery, etc.

  • Delay in delivery will be notified you in advance in case of any unavoidable circumstances arise.

  • The delivery cannot be redirected within the same time slot to any other address once its prepared and out for delivery.

  • We recommend you to open the box upon handover and check the condition of the product before leaving of our delivery executive.

AED 99.00

Inclusive of all taxes