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Chocolates and Dates Tray

Chocolates and Dates Tray, featuring irresistibly delicious dates and decadent chocolates, makes an elegant Ramadan and Eid gift that will surely impress. Beautifully presented on its elegant tray, this collection will surely delight your loved ones.

Chocolate Tray - The Best Way To Woo Your Gift!

A chocolate tray is an invaluable tool for creating tasty galettes.

A variety of the finest gourmet chocolates, confections and treats to please every palette at a large office party or special event. A delicious treat!

Perfect for holidays, weddings and birthday parties alike - create a lasting impression at your next event with this exclusive chocolate tray and dates tray!

The Dates Tray - The Best Gift You Can Buy

A Dates Tray is an attractive gift featuring various varieties of dates in one convenient tray, ideal for parties or any special event. 

Buy Any Flowers luxurious trays are filled with vitamin-rich assorted dates of exceptional quality, prized for their caramel-like flavour, softness, and pleasing chewiness. In addition, these dates are served alongside luscious chocolates in a spectacular presentation.

Buy Any Flowers can ship the chocolate and date trays directly to your home or office, with options suitable for every special event and holiday. Plus, add your personalized message and present card, and we'll include them both as part of the delivery!

Celebrate The Milestones In Your Lives With Chocolates and Dates Tray From Buy Any Flowers

The chocolate tray Dubai can be delivered quickly and is packaged to preserve maximum freshness all across UAE. To ensure they arrive undamaged, store them in a cool and dry area away from direct sunlight.

With its fresh dates, delectable chocolates and healthful ingredients such as iron and fluorine that promote good health - it makes an impressive statement when presented as a present! Plus, it makes for great Ramadan or Eid presents, helping keep those you care about strong! Order one of these special boxes now!